Mabrey Bank Featured on ‘This Is Oklahoma’ Podcast

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TULSA – What do NFL star Wes Welker, America’s Got Talent winner Darci Lynne and BMX athlete Mat Hoffman have in common with Mabrey Bank’s own Scott Mabrey and Carlisle “C4” Mabrey IV? All are Oklahomans who have been featured on the acclaimed This Is Oklahoma podcast, hosted by Mike Hearne.

Scott, the CEO of Mabrey Bank, and C4, its COO, joined Mike as featured guests on a recent podcast episode to talk about the history of Mabrey Bank and the generations of leadership by the Mabrey family, what the name ‘Mabrey’ means to the state of Oklahoma, and what the future of the bank could hold. The brothers shared stories not just about banking but also about high school football, golf, paper airplanes and the culture being built at Mabrey Bank.

“These are the stories I really enjoy telling,” said Hearne. “Generational family businesses that the state of Oklahoma will recognize. The Mabrey’s story is one that hasn’t been told on a podcast before. Especially having C4 and Scott on there, two brothers who can tell great family stories.”

Hearne, a Wales transplant who came to the U.S. to play college golf, started the ‘This Is Oklahoma’ brand in 2017 as an Instagram page to share photos of the beautiful Oklahoma landscapes and sunsets. It morphed into a podcast in 2018 when Hearne was looking to market to clientele to help his real estate business get off the ground. Quickly, Hearne realized that the podcast could be so much more than that.

“When I started recording and met people and sat down for an hour to hear their stories, I just didn’t feel comfortable putting a cheesy real estate ad in front of someone’s incredible story,” said Hearne. “So, I made the decision that there would be no real estate ads on the podcast. I realized that I may not be in real estate all my life, and I wanted the episodes to be timeless so that people can listen to them whenever.”

In a little over four years since, Hearne has crisscrossed the state, recording more than 450 podcasts with government officials, chefs, YouTubers, pro athletes, businessmen and women, and countless others, slowly telling the story of the state of Oklahoma. Now he’s starting to get recognized for his work on the podcast.

“In those moments, I feel like I am doing something right,” said Hearne. “When the Oklahoma Hall of Fame came on as a sponsor, that was kind of the first moment of success for me. Since, it’s been moments where I meet someone and they tell me, ‘Yeah, I listen to your podcast.’ I know I am on the right path.”

That path led to Mabrey Bank as Hearne, a resident of Oklahoma City, sees the bank’s newest branch regularly as he drives on the John Kilpatrick Turnpike. The art installation that serves as the bank’s centerpiece in the branch caught Hearne’s eye. So much so that it led to him looking up Mabrey Bank online.

“I drive by the bank and see the art piece [in OKC] on the way to the golf course every day, and that was when I first initially saw the name ‘Mabrey,’” said Hearne. “When I started doing some research, I found out so much about the family’s history. It wasn’t hard to sit down for 45 minutes and chat about the Mabrey family – I probably could have listened to [Scott and C4’s] stories for hours.”

The ‘This Is Oklahoma’ podcast episode featuring Mabrey Bank is now available across all podcast platforms through the including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and more. A video version of the conversation is available to be viewed below.

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