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P2P Payments

P2P Payments

P2P stands for Person To Person payments.  With this feature you can pay your friends money you owe them, pay your babysitter, pay your lawn care service, or send money to anyone else you owe!  This comes in very handy when you cannot pay with a credit card or if you are not a fan of writing checks.  All you need is the payee's email address and a code word!

To set up a new payee:

- Log in to Online Banking at www.mabreybank.com (not through an app)

- Click on the Bill Pay tab

- Click Pay a Person

- Choose how to send the money (if you do not have the person's bank account information, choose "email")

- Fill out the payee information

- Create a "keyword" and give this to the payee.  They will have to enter this keyword to prove their identity.

- Send yourself an activation code for security purposes.

Once you have set up a payee, you can pay them anytime through Bill Pay in Online Banking AND through the P2P feature on your iPhone/iPad App or Android App.