Three Ways To Help Achieve Your Financial Goals

We’ve been helping people achieve theirs for awhile now (say, about 110+ years). Here’s what we’ve picked up:

You know the difference between getting to do cool stuff (like going on vacation or having a healthy nest egg) and not doing cool stuff? Goals. We’ve been helping people achieve theirs for a while now (say, about 110+ years). Here’s what we’ve picked up:

Step 1 – Have a goal
Seriously…the most important step to achieving your financial goals is to have some. So pat yourself on the back. You’re off to an awesome start that a lot of people never get to.

Step 2 – Is your goal “R&D” – Realistic and Defined? (Okay, so maybe this isn’t the most original acronym ever, but you get the idea). Your financial goal should be:

  • Realistic: Do you make enough (or will you) to achieve your goal now or in the near future? If your goal requires finding buried treasure, it’s not realistic.
  • Defined: “Travel” is a great goal and you should definitely do it…but can you be more specific? Like “travel to Ibiza in 6 months?” Specific goals + Timelines = Thumbs Up!

Step 3 – Stick with it
Achieving your financial goals is like exercising or eating your vegetables. It takes discipline and it’s not always fun, but you’ll thank yourself later. Check yourself early and often. Ask yourself – Am I earning as much as expected? Am I contributing enough? And if you need to make modifications, that’s cool, just be sure to hold yourself accountable.

One of the most important parts of achieving goals is having a financial partner. That’s where we come in. Contact us to share your financial goals and see how we can make them happen.

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