Know From a Pro: Money Manager with Erin Melton

Organize Your Accounts with Money Manager

Mabrey Bank digital banking recently got a big upgrade that helps our customers manage all their Mabrey accounts alongside their external accounts directly from the Mabrey banking portal. Whether on your desktop or through your Mabrey Bank app on your mobile device, Mabrey customers can now link and view their financial accounts including mortgages, credit cards and other bank accounts inside of their Mabrey online banking with Money Manager.

To give us the full rundown of the information, how to’s and benefits of Money Manager, we caught up with Director of Banking Operations, VP, Erin Melton, who has been with Mabrey Bank for nearly 18 years.

1) What is Money Manager?

Money Manager is an organizational tool inside of Mabrey’s suite of digital banking products that allows customers an easy and efficient way to control their budgeting, spending and saving to hit their financial goals. Using Money Manager makes managing your finances smarter by tracking and categorizing every purchase, fitting those into a budget you have set and showing the progress you make towards saving.

Money Manager comes at no cost to all Mabrey customers and is automatically available through your digital banking portal on your desktop or on your Mabrey mobile app. Finding Money Manager is easy. Select “Money Manager” in the main menu dropdown from the top left corner of the Mabrey app to get started. Or, Money Manager can be found by selecting an account inside of digital banking on a desktop. Money Manager will be one of the blue icons to the right of your account transactions.

For more information on Money Manager, click here.

2) How can I better control my spending in Money Manager?

Money Manager automatically tags and tracks each of your transactions and will label them given their specific category, such as transportation, groceries, utilities and many more. You decide which categories you’d like Money Manager to track for you, and it will do the rest. Once you have built up a history of transactions, it can break down your spending weekly, monthly or even over a six-month time period.

You can set a budget for a category, and Money Manager will alert you if you near the spending limit you have set for that category in a given day, week or month. This allows you to make informed spending choices and know how a transaction will affect your budget. Setting a debt reduction or savings goal in Money Manager can help you visualize your progress daily.

3) How do I link an external account or card?

A recent update to Money Manager now allows you to link external (non-Mabrey Bank) mortgages, credit cards and bank accounts inside your Mabrey Bank portal, free of charge. Now you can view all your accounts conveniently in one location. Once you link your accounts, your Mabrey Bank accounts will appear BLUE while your external accounts will appear GRAY in the account dashboard.


  • Open your Mabrey Bank app or Login to your online banking on your desktop.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner, next to Accounts, and select “Link an account.” If you do not see this option, please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the Mabrey Bank app from the Apple store or Google Play store.
  • Follow the prompts to review and re-link your existing accounts or link new accounts.
  • Close your Mabrey Bank app and re-open it to see the newly linked accounts.

A user can also link an account from the menu bar while inside of Money Manager by selecting “Link Account.”

4) What is the benefit to linking my non-Mabrey Bank accounts and cards in Money Manager?

In addition to having more visibility to all of your accounts in one location, Money Manager will incorporate your external accounts into its budgeting, spending and saving tools allowing you an all-encompassing look at your finances. Imagine seeing your mortgage, car loan and credit card balances right next to your checking and savings account balances in one single app. That’s how Mabrey Bank is making our customers’ lives easier with Money Manager.

Linking these external accounts will also add a layer of security. By setting up alerts for large transactions or transactions from specific retailers, you now have more control than ever before to combat fraud or excessive spending.

5) Are there any limitations to linking my non-Mabrey accounts?

While you get added visibility and the rest of the money management features inside of Money Manager, a customer is not able to move money between Mabrey and external accounts, or visa-versa, with Money Manager. Account transfers can be set up, however, in the “Transfers” tab inside of Mabrey Bank’s digital banking portal.

Users will also not be able to transact directly with any linked external accounts inside of Mabrey Bank’s digital banking portal.

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