5 Tips for How to Save for the Holidays

Follow these 5 Holiday Budget Tips to keep the season merry and bright:

Christmas is just two months away! (Crazy, right?) Follow these 5 Holiday Budget Tips to keep the season merry and bright:

  1. Figure Out How Much You Need to Save!
    Determine your budget for gifts and for special occasions where purchases could include food, drinks, decorations, wardrobe, travel, and any other expenses. Then use this information to come up with your overall savings goal.
  2. Make a Savings Plan!
    Now that you have your savings goal, break it down into bite-sized weekly or monthly goals. This will keep you motivated and on track.
  3. Make a List and Check it Twice!
    Santa can’t be the only one on top of things. Make lists for what you’ll need to purchase and keep an eye out for deals on these items starting now.
  4. Stash Your Cash!
    Once you have your plan, start putting money away ASAP! Some swear by envelopes labeled for different budgets while others like opening multiple savings accounts for special events. Use whichever method will help you keep track and also hold you accountable. #ProSavingsTip: Savings accounts earn interest!
  5. Find Areas to Cut Back!
    This can be the hardest one to follow! Look at your bank statement. If your spending habits don’t leave room for saving, consider cutting back on your weekly Starbucks or monthly entertainment.
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