Titan FR Construction

Felix and Estela have a successful business in Titan FR Construction

Is Your Bank Fluent in More Than Just Your Language?

Felix and Estela have a successful business in Titan FR Construction. Providing residential roofing and guttering all over the Tulsa area, they’ve grown their business through word of mouth and anoutstanding reputation for quality. Mabrey Bank has done the&bnsp;same.

Mabrey Bank Solutions Tailored To What’s Most Important For You.

We know how to help local businesses, because we’re a local business. Locally and family owned, we understand the market like only someone who lives here can. We’re your neighbors, and we’re here to help, with everything your business needs to grow.

“Our old bank was a big, national brand. They had plenty of Spanish speakers—so language was not the issue. The problem was that there was no consistency. Every time, it was a new face. They didn’t know who we were or what we needed. We were just an account to them.

At Mabrey, we’ve found they understand our business because they care about our success. They speak our language: not just Spanish but caring and service and quality… the same things that set Titan FR Construction apart.

Mabrey makes banking comfortable for us. From taking care ofour business banking to helping us secure a personal home loan, they’ve always gone the extra mile to understand our needs andfind solutions. That’s why we tell everyone MY BANK IS MABREY.”

Felix & Estela Ruiz
Owners, Titan FR Construction
Main Office - Bixby Corporate 918.366.4000 Mon-Fri, 9am - 4pm Sat-Sun, Closed