My Bank is Mabrey: Kirkendall Interior Design

Success is in the details. From the product or service you provide to how you treat people. That’s why Kirkendall Interior Design is recognized as one of the best interior design firms in Oklahoma. And that’s why Julia Kirkendall partners with Mabrey Bank.

More Than Bankers: Partners.

Success is in the details.

“I prefer to do business with someone who shares my values. And Mabrey does just that. Whether it’s saving me more than $13,000 a year by switching credit card processing services, helping me consolidate expenses and saving me thousands in interest, or setting me up with a line of credit to provide more financial security. I know they have my best interests at heart in everything they do for me.

I know I’m a small account for them, but they always treat me like a big one. When I come across a business opportunity, it takes one phone call to confirm they can financially support me through the transaction. If I make a mistake in my banking, they will always cover me and help correct the error. They promote my business, show up at open houses, and take an active interest in what’s going on with my team and me.

It’s not often you get that level of personal service from a bank, plus proactive attention to detail that directly benefits your business. But that’s exactly what I get at Mabrey. And that’s why I tell everyone MY BANK IS MABREY”.

Julia Kirkendall
Kirkendall Interior Design
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