My Bank is Mabrey: Daylight Donut Flour Company

“If it’s right, honorable and decent: do it.” That’s been the Bond’s motto for decades, and that’s how they’ve run such a successful business. Son Jason is now running day-to-day operations of the 66-year-old company, but he abides by those same principles. Perhaps that’s why the Bonds are so comfortable with their banking relationship.

How Does Your Bank Treat You?

“If it’s right, honorable and decent: do it.”

“Mabrey Bank follows the same set of values as we do. You see it in how they treat people and how they do business. Here at Daylight, we know every job is important, so we treat every employee with the respect they deserve. And they appreciate it. The average tenure here is 18 years!

We see the same attitude from Mabrey. You can tell every employee takes pride in their job. We’ve gotten calls from tellers who have seen something out of the ordinary with one of our checks before they would cash it. Every person, not just the executives, cares about us and our success. We’re not just an account. We’re friends.

When we open a new location, we’re excited that we get to teach that shop owner how to be successful. Mabrey does the same with us. They act as advisors, helping us use our money in the best way possible so we are successful. And you can tell, they love doing it.

Maybe it’s because they are a family-owned business like we are. But when the third generation of Bonds takes over the business, we expect they will be working with another generation of Mabreys. It’s more than money with them. They care about doing the right, honorable and decent thing with their employees and their customers. That’s why we tell everyone MY BANK IS MABREY.”

John, Sheila & Jason Bond
Owners, Daylight Donut Flour Company

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