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Online Cash Management


This function will allow you to add or delete new clients to an existing ACH file, change the bank information such as routing or account number, or make name changes.

Quick Edit

This function will display each client in your ACH file and allow you to change the dollar amount quickly.


If this box is checked (from the Quick Edit function) there will not be a file generated for that client.


This option is selected when you are ready to send a file to the Bank.  (If your debits and credits do not balance then this option will not be seen in the drop down box).  Once you select a file to initiate a screen is displayed with the file information and an effective date will need to be selected and the initiate box selected again for the file to be sent to the Bank.

Effective Date

This is the date that you would like for the debits or credits to post to the clients account.  We recommend if you are sending credits (such as a payroll file) that the file be sent 2 business days prior to the effective date, and if it is a debit to your client 1 business day prior.  A credit file can be sent one day prior and it will still reach your client on the effective date.


This will charge the clients account. 


This will make a deposit to the clients account. 

Individual Identification Number

This is a discretionary field that is not required.