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How do I sign up for eStatements?

Log in to online banking using your username and password.
Click on "e-Statements" menu option at the top of the page. By default, when you sign up for e-Statements, all your accounts will be signed up. To change this, click on Details under step 1. Account(s) and Document Enrollment. All accounts are automatically chosen (checked). You may uncheck any accounts for which you do not want to receive e-Statements.
Make sure the correct e-mail address is in the box. All e-Statements and e-Notices will be sent to this address. If this is not the correct e-mail, please change it here.
Enter a security phrase. When you receive your statements, this phrase will be in the subject line of the e-mail. If this phrase is not in the subject line, do not open the e-mail and please contact Mabrey Bank.
Read the disclosure. If you agree to these terms, check the box next to "I agree to the listed terms".
Click the word "here" where it says Click here to see a sample document. This will ensure that you can view statements on your computer.
Click the "Enroll Now" button.
You will receive an e-mail confirming your enrollment.

***Note: The first statement cycle after you sign up, you will receive an e-Statement and a paper statement. We send you both to ensure that you can open and read your e-Statement. As long as it is opened successfully, we will stop sending you paper statements. If it is not opened, you will continue to receive paper statements until you have opened an e-Statement successfully. Please contact Mabrey Bank if you have any questions. 1.888.272.8866

How do I view eStatements?

When your statement is ready, you will receive an e-mail from Mabrey Bank ( ). In the subject line it will say "e-Statement *your phrase here*. This is the phrase you chose when you enrolled. 

Open the document if your phrase is in the subject line and then open the PDF attachment that says "Enhanced Customer Statements *Month Year*".

Enter the same username and password you use for online banking. Your security phrase should be in the gray box above this.

Your statement will come up. You may print, download, or save this statement. It will also be saved in your online banking for 12 months.

You may also view your statement by going to online banking, logging in, clicking on the "e-Statement" menu option, and choosing to view the statement of your choice.